Hasa Pigeon

The breed name :Al hassa pigeon means come from AL -Hassa region ,big oasis in the east of Saudi Arabia . Short distance pigeon 100K.M to150K.M ,This pigeon have strong ability to back to his first loft even after 1.5-2 years and even had babies in his new loft .very good very good resistance  to disease.

 Breed History  :

This pigeons was brought by Turkish in the 19th century  ,for carry messages , this breed was develop in AL Hassa region  during 20th century by cross with more than 3 breeds of pigeon.

Standard :

No official writing standard


Medium size  body it is nearly the same size of Franconian Heart Magpie  , the bird should be short body.


 Narrow shape in the front of the head with small shell crest or plain head .


Large and very reddish with circular carmine red cere  .


Long and straight, Black beak in all colors , white beak in white bird.


small to medium size.  

Neck tall

 Medium  to short  .


wide ,muscular.  


short ,densely muffed to the tip of the toes ,some verity come without muff .


  very large  wattle,  long body  ,white feather in black bird. 




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