by John Heppner


Scandaroons originated in the Middle East, probably around the vicinity of Bagdad, from where they found their way to the merchant city of Nuremberg, Germany. In Germany the breed is called Nilmberger Bagdetten. The English named this pigeon Scandaroon after the Turkish seaport city of Iskanderun near the now Turkish-Syrian border believing that the earliest Scandaroons came to England from that region. The Germans originally called this pigeon the "Crooked Beaked Bagdad."

This breed became extremely popular around Nuremberg so much so that Europeans named this pigeon after that city. The Germans and English both must be credited with developing the breed to its modem form. However the quality of the breed is much superior in Germany today than it is in England.

The head and beak of the Scandaroon is quite a novel development. Fanciers have frequently asked me if 1 bend the beaks on the babies to form abetter curve. This was practiced many years ago in Germany but is not generally practiced today. 1 do not know what the English position is on this matter. Personally 1 used to do this quite a few years ago but discovered it can be more harmful rather than helpful. I do not try to form the beaks at all. It is a matter of selective breeding. Some come out straighter than others. Some of the beaks on my Scandaroons are assisted but they haven't. Genetic and selective breeding can accomplish so much one could accentuate the curved feature much more than would be desirable or practical. Then of course practicality has not been of paramount importance on many of our breeds. 1 would like to refer you to the latest NPA standard drawing of the Scandaroon. For years the standard was incorrect calling for a slanted tail. The tail should be horizontal as shown in the new standard drawing. The  Scandaroons  are relatively easy to raise and feed their won youngsters better than most feeders. A foster parent I'm sure must wonder what he is supposed to do with that large rubbery beak that seems to be nearly as big as his own head. The Scandaroon is more suited to feed out his own youngster better than most foster parents. If you really preferred to use foster parents a cross of a Scandaroon and Carrier would make a suitable feeder. 1 have found my Scandaroons to be much more accepting of other breeds of pigeons in their pen than pigeons of their own kind. Talk about reverse discrimination! A Scandaroon will live very peaceable with an Exhibition Homer or Genuine Homer Cock right near him by the feed pan. But he sure keeps his eyes on anyone of the other two cocks in the loft. This 1 have even noticed in the hens as well. So 1 have dispersed my Scandaroons through the loft somewhat for a more peaceful life for everyone.

** PIGEON DEBUT April 2002